The Graduation Ceremony, which marked the completion of secondary school education of our F.6 graduates, was successfully held on 3 July, 2021. Our school supervisor Ms. Catherine Wong gave an inspirational speech and presented the graduation certificates to the graduates. We were graced with the presence of supportive parents and alumnae to celebrate this precious moment of our F.6 graduates.
Happy graduation to all our graduates, and we wish them a bright future.

On 12 May, 2021, we celebrated the Foundress Day with a Eucharistic mass. Rev. Pierre Lam conducted the mass in the school hall. He called for our awareness of the spirit of sacrifice and gratitude. He reminded us of being grateful and kind-hearted, and serving the needy within our reach.

During the suspension of face-to-face lessons, the school employed an external company for disinfection for the whole school campus and also the deep cleansing of air-conditioners and ventilation system in classrooms, the hall, staff room, function rooms and washrooms.  


This year the theme of Pleasure Reading Scheme is “Enjoy Reading (悅愛‧閱讀)”. Teachers introduce different online reading resources to the students in Life Education lesson. Also, F.1 to F.3 students receive their “Good Morning Pleasure Reading Materials” (「早晨悅讀」小冊子) compiled by the school so that they can have more fruitful reading periods.

Due to the epidemic, the school experienced months of face-to-face lessons suspension and early commencement of the summer holiday. During the difficult time, our students keep learning through e-lessons. In September 2020, the school arranged all students to resume classes in three stages.


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