Life and Society

The curriculum of Life and Society (S1-S3) is composed of modules aiming at
grooming students to be positive and responsible adolescents and citizens in society.
The learning content helps students to form positive values and attitudes towards
life. With a better understanding of their selfhood and identity, students can further
develop their strengths and reduce their weaknesses. Hence, they will be in a more
competent position to contribute to the community.

The department emphasizes that students should take the initiative to build their
self-identity, citizenship, a sense of responsibility and a caring attitude. Workshops
and visits are organized to build citizenship and community bonding over the

The visit enables students to interact with the socially vulnerable and understand
their struggles.

The host suffers from speech disorder and his arduous struggles greatly inspire our

Students vote in a demonstrated election in the “ Know Our Election ” workshop
organized by the Registration and Electoral Office.

An arousing movie workshop about values of life engages full attention of our

In the “ Empower My Character Strengths ” workshop, students learn the strategies to
enhance their self-efficacy.