Chinese Dance Club


Since 2017, the Chinese Dance Club has been offering professional dance courses to develop our students’ talents and potential in dancing. Coordinated effort and flexibility of the body enable students to accomplish different moves in Chinese dance, such as turn-out, pointe and extension of the body. To take themselves to another level, club members are required to maintain their correct posture to improve their aesthetics in every dance.

Our school has participated in different dance events and competitions. Students’ artistic practice is greatly enriched by stage performances.

Dancers and their coach Ms Ivy Chan

Practice makes perfect – our Chinese Dance Club members prepare for the Graduation Day.

The sleeves are used as an extension of our dancers’ hands. Sometimes, the sleeves are thrown back to reveal the sensitive and beautiful hand movements of our dancers.

Dancers use their long silk sleeves to accentuate their hand and arm movements, whirling them around like ribbons.

Chinese Dance Club members wear colorful skirts, waving their hands and stomping their feet quickly.


It’s time to shine on stage after on-and-off training!