Economics helps students to understand the principles and forces that affect people in their everyday lives, in particular their roles as consumers and producers. As Hong Kong is undergoing rapid economic changes and striving to remain competitive in the world economy, the study of Economics is highly relevant and readily applicable to our real-life situations.
Learning the theories helps to enhance students’ ability in critical thinking and decision-making which is crucial to their all-round development and they are more likely to be life-long learners and responsible citizens.
The Banking TeenStars Program
Every year, about ten Form 4 students participate in a joint school project ‘Banking TeenStars 2018’ organized by the Agricultural Bank of China. The workplace experiences in a bank help students to think whether they will pursue their future career in the banking profession or not.


Group discussion with students from other schools

Filling in questionnaires to give feedback





Certificate presentation

Visit to the Agricultural Bank of China




Group Presentation

Visiting different departments of the bank


The participants write about their feelings after the visit.


Chan Wai Sum, Stephanie (5B)

Last November, I was glad to be a participant in the Banking TeenStars program. The visit to the Agricultural Bank of China (ABC) is a worthwhile experience as I learn the everyday running of a bank and the responsibilities of the different departments. The Information Technology Department is the most respected to me as they update the firewall to protect the banking system from being hacked.
There is also a tour to other major departments. One of which is the Risk Management Department where staff work on at least 2 computers to get jobs done. What is really exciting to me is the chat-time with the different department managers. One of them told us that she worked at a China-based ABC Bank as well as a local ABC Bank at the same time. Her experience of working in two different banks is definitely a thrilling story to me. After the visit, I get to know more about the banking industry in the two cities.

Lee Kobe (5D)

In 2018, I participated in the Banking TeenStars program with some of my schoolmates. We visited the Agricultural Bank of China Limited. Learning how the different Economics theories are applied in the workplace is practical and eye-opening to me. Different departments namely the Statistics and the Actuarial Department, increase their labour productivity with division of work. ‘Division of work’ is not a theory to me now. It can be visualized!
Apart from division of work, we are told that different departments also work on the same project. From the book, I know this is teamwork but in ABC, I witnessed the connection between different departments and their efficiency to finish the project which is amazing to me. Their company policy is that the best project will be selected for future use.
At the end of the visit, the bank staff treated us to snacks. All the participants and I had a wonderful time there.

Yannes Yue (F5D)

Last year, I took part in a joint school career exploration project ‘Banking TeenStars 2018’. The visit enables me to learn more about the structure of a bank in Hong Kong.
The first lesson is a Personality Dimensions Workshop. I learn more about my aptitude and competence which helps me to make a better decision for my future career. The workshop was followed by a visit to a bank. It is great and impressive to lay eyes on the operation of the different departments - technology, risk management, service support, etc.
Although the staff of the bank had heavy workloads, they explained all the daily operations to us clearly. It is a great pleasure for me to join this project which enriches my knowledge in my favourite subject, Economics.