The Business, Accounting and Financial Studies Department (BAFS)

Every academic year, our school’s BAFS Department participates in the Smart Way
Forward Programme jointly organized by the School Social Work Service Caritas
(Hong Kong) and the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants (HKICPA).
Students studying BAFS will have a chance to visit one of the international or local
accounting firms. Through the visit, students can observe closely the working
environment of the accountants. Some experienced accountants are also arranged
to share their working experiences. The activity provides students with better
knowledge in the accounting field which would be a powerful guidance to their
future career.

Below are the photos of the visit.

The HKICPA/ HKABE Joint Scholarships for BAFS 2018-2019 received by Rachel Chen
in recognition of her excellent BAFS academic results at school.