English Language Education

English is the most common lingua franca. It is the bridge between people who do not speak one
another’s native language. To broaden students’ horizons across the globe and exert their potentials, the
English Panel endeavors to enhance students’ English ability in different ways. Syllabi are designed to
equip students with different skills, namely reading, listening, writing and speaking. They are also designed
for students to build a strong foundation and reach academic excellence in the future. The English Panel
incorporates a variety of teaching and learning methods, including formal teaching, group discussion, oral
presentation, group projects, games, e-learning and online learning.
Fun is also a crucial element in learning English. The English Panel believes that fun and joy are of
paramount importance to motivate students to learn. That’s why the English Panel has organized English
activities with varieties. Storytelling Competition, Green Fashion Show, English Game Booth, English
Debate Competition, English Forum, English Day are activities held in these years. These activities provide
students the opportunities to show their creative imagination, critical perspective, daring attempt and
unique talents. The goal to improve the English proficiency of our students and to cultivate an interest in
learning the global language will continue to be the focus of the Department.


The English Week

The English Week is an annual school activity for English learning. It is a great opportunity for students to learn
English while showing their creativity and talents. During this week, a series of fun activities will be held to
create an atmosphere of using English. Students from different forms participate in different activities, such as
Storytelling competition, Reading aloud competition, Green fashion show, English songs singing competition,
English game booth and English forum.


Green fashion show


Learning English through songs



Game Booths



English Cafe

Located adjacent to the school’s Tuck Shop on the ground floor, the English Café is a warm and inviting room
set up with comfy couches as well as coffee shop-like tables and chairs to help students get situated
comfortably. Students are free to pop in during lunchtime to chat with the NET teacher, play board games or
simply have a cool and quiet area to study. The Café is a great place for students to practise their English
speaking skills while bonding over the time they share together.



Australia Summer Study Tour 2019

A total of 30 students joined the Australia Summer Study Tour to Sydney from 6th to 20th July, 2019. During the
study tour, students attended an English class in the morning, and participated in a wide array of excursions and
workshops in the afternoon. The activity-packed programme not only broadened their horizons, but also enhanced
their ability to communicate in English and built up their confidence in learning. In addition, staying with the host
families was an excellent opportunity for them to interact with the locals and understand the local culture. All
students were able to gain eye-opening and invaluable learning experiences.


A group activity in an English lesson

Graffiti on the promenade wall at Bondi Beach

A visit to Featherdale Wildlife Park

Forensic Science, University of Technology, Sydney


Choral speaking

Choral speaking allows S1 and S2 students to build their confidence and hone their speaking skills to create
pleasing visual pictures with focus on pronunciation and articulation. They learn to synchronize vocally to deliver
their pieces with vocal variety, enthusiasm and suitable movements. Through cooperative effort and endless
practices, students help each other to perfect their performances.



Storytelling in Canossa School

The Storytelling programme is jointly organized by our school and Canossa School. It is an activity to promote
English learning in both schools. The senior Canossians tell the primary students exciting stories. It is a great
opportunity to show their creativity, organization and delivery skills through the use of animation, colorful
pictures and even puppets and dolls. The active and attentive audience inspire a lot of confidence in our story
tellers. From their happy faces and eager engagement, we believe that the primary students enjoy the stories
very much. It is a wonderful activity to enrich each other’s learning experience.


There are gifts for the primary students in the Q-A

Stories bring joy to all the participants!

Primary students are keen to answer questions and
win prizes!

It is a good experience for the story tellers.


RTHK Teen Time

"Teen Time" is a special programme jointly organized by the Education Bureau and Radio Television Hong Kong.
It is to promote the use of English among secondary school students in an entertaining context. "Teen Time" is
on air from 9:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m., Monday to Friday on RTHK Radio 3. The programme consists of regular
features such as popular songs and music, interviews with local personalities, film reviews, information and tips
on trendy lifestyle, professional advice on health and youth problems, current affairs, social issues, etc. It is a
valuable and once-in-a-life-time experience for them as their voice can be heard on air. They make a lot of
efforts to prepare the topic as they want to provide the most updated knowledge and give practical opinions in
the interview. They enjoy the interaction with the programme host too. Their hard work is paid off as their
interview session is smooth and they have good appreciation from teachers and schoolmates.


Students are excited to have their voice on air.

Students have put in a lot of efforts in the topic.


It is a wonderful experience to learn from a radio


Toastmasters International - Youth Leadership Programme

The Youth Leadership Program is a workshop that cultivates communication and leadership skills through
hands-on experience. Students learn how to prepare and give speeches, impromptu talks, constructive feedback
and evaluate speeches. The workshops are similar to a Toastmaster club meeting as students learn all the
parliamentary procedures like preparing impromptu speeches and selecting presiding officers. It is a great
opportunity for students to learn from experienced toastmasters and equip themselves with useful speaking
skills for their future.


Students learn to write and give their own speech.

The speech has the full attention of the audience.

A photo with all participants, teachers and

A certificate of appreciation is given upon
completion of the Toastmasters Workshop.


English Day

The post-exam activity day consists of a range of English programmes namely debating, drama and games. The
English Day makes learning exciting, meaningful and memorable. It starts with a friendly debate- Canossa
College versus St. Francis Canossian College. The follow-up discussion is a free exchange of opinions from the
two participating schools. The English drama is another big show where students learn English from a
performance. The English Day ends with English tongue twisters and games - a fruitful morning for all students.