The Youth Red Cross 

Training and Competitions

The First-Aid Competition

Our unit participated in the Eastern District 2 Youth First Aid Competition 2018-2019 in the last academic year. Honorably, one of our two teams won the second runner-up in this competition. Club members were thankful as their effort was not in vain.

The Drill Competition

It is an integral part and members made a lot of time and effort in the drill practice. We were the second runner-up in the Premier Category which was an unexpected honour to us. Thanks to our unit officers, staff and alumnae and those who helped us in the competition.

The Home Nursing Competition 

We joined The Home Nursing Competition this academic year. As patience is an important assessment criterion in a nursing competition, our members worked to build the quality with special focus on patient care. Our effort paid off. We were the second runner-up.


Our members’ reflections


Carol Cheung’s reflection

It is my honour to be the Commander of this year’s Drill Competition. In the practice,  I learn to build team spirit and  develop friendships which are precious to my life.  Thanks to all the teammates for giving me a memorable experience and those who have supported us from the beginning. Our greatest power is collaboration. Gladly, all members in YU18 achieve the goal with good team spirit.

Ankie Law’s reflection

It is my pleasure to join The Home Nursing Competition 2018-2019. Red Cross members have to be trained in home nursing for the Competition which may not be known to many. I am really thankful that we are the second runner-up in the Competition which encourages us a lot.