The Investiture of Student Leaders was successfully held on September 22, 2023.

It was a special occasion in which our student leaders expressed their commitment and responsibility towards the school and their schoolmates. In the presence of our Principal and teachers, each student leader was presented with a badge as a symbol of their initiation into their respective leadership roles within the school teams.

The members of the Student Council, the House committees, the discipline prefects, and the CYC chairladies took a solemn pledge to fulfill their duties and set a positive example for their younger peers. We look forward to the remarkable journey led by our newly appointed leaders and extend our heartfelt wishes for their success in the upcoming year.

Dear Graduates of Class 2023, 


The Certificates of 2023 Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination (HKDSE) issued by the Hong Kong Examinations and Assessments Authority (HKEAA) are now ready at the school office for collection within the time stated below.


Collection time:

Starting from 19th Oct, 2023

Monday to Friday: 8:30 am - 5:00 pm

“My, my, how can I resist you?” Really! How can you resist when the Drama Club put on such a spectacular show this year?

The dedication and effort put into producing and developing I Have A Dream is astounding! From scriptwriting, prop making, acting, dancing, and even backstage management, our teams this year put in their utmost to bring the most unforgettable musical for our school this year. And it shows!

The 2 performances held (10th/12th July) were a big hit! The Drama Club is more than grateful for all the love from the audience. The support from our promotions and performance made the musical all the better.

And of course, all the help from our supervisor, principal, teachers, staff, and fellow students. Cheers to bigger and better performances in the future!


Ladies and Gentlemen, Canossa College’s fashion show was truly a success! With environmental protection and “green” as the theme, students were given the opportunity to show off their fashion sense and have fun!


The winners of the Most Popular Team were The Octagon from 2A! For the Best Model, Valeria Chan from Butterflies Forever (2B) strutted with her glamorous stage presence and confidence. The Best Presenters were Fiesta from 2D who wowed students with their speaking and presentation skills. The Best Design and Best Performance went to Green Heroes from 2A! Congratulations to them for winning the Overall Grand Prize too!


This event has given students the chance to learn teamwork, showcase their creativity and protect the environment at the same time. See you next year!


Think outside the box and show off your skills in the S3 interclass debating competition! Do you think you have what it takes? Team up with your fellow classmates in a friendly competition to fight to the top and take the throne while developing your critical, logical, and problem-solving skills. And of course, bonding with your classmates along the way! 


Below are the results of the 2022-2023 S3 interclass debating competition:


Preliminary round 1:

3A versus 3B

Winning class: 3A

Best debater: 3A28 Wong Yu, Chelsea


Preliminary round 2:

3C versus 3D

Winning class: 3D

Best debater: 3D21 Tang Wing Yan, Willa



3A versus 3D

Winning class: 3A

Best debater: 3D21 Tang Wing Yan, Willa


The Sex Education Workshop was organized to cultivate a healthy mindset among F.4 students on 3 February.

F.2 students participated in the Sports Nutrition Workshop on 23 November.

They were introduced to healthy eating and sports nutrition. It is hoped that they can practise what they learnt in their daily lives.


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