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The Sex Education Workshop was organized to cultivate a healthy mindset among F.4 students on 3 February.

27 students joined the Catapult Workshop on 8 December.

In the workshop, they learnt the history of catapults and the concepts that go into building a catapult.

They were also given an opportunity to build their catapults in groups.

This not only promoted teamwork among students, but also reinforced the knowledge they had acquired at the beginning of the workshop.

At the end, they had fun testing their final products.

F.2 students participated in the Sports Nutrition Workshop on 23 November.

They were introduced to healthy eating and sports nutrition. It is hoped that they can practise what they learnt in their daily lives.


After several fierce in-class competitions, four groups from four F.1 classes were selected to participate in the final on 24 October.

All stories were written by our students and revolved around the school’s educational theme this year, ‘Serve with Heart and Act with Love’.

Our students showcased their exceptional storytelling skills together with excellent teamwork.

All teachers and students enjoyed their performances.

On 22 October, we were very delighted to have Prof. Albert So to conduct the seminar named ‘Understanding of National Security Law, National Flag and National Emblem Ordinance and National Anthem Ordinance’.

He introduced National Security Law, National Flag and National Emblem Ordinance and National Anthem Ordinance to our F.1 students and parents.

To cultivate a caring culture at school, senior form students were invited to be mentors of F.1 students.

It was the first time our F.1 students meeting the foster prefects in the Foster Prefect Orientation held on 3 October. They played icebreaker games and got to know each other quickly.

It is hoped that our foster prefects will develop their social intelligence on the one hand while helping the F.1 students adapt to the school life on the other.


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