Floral Art Club

The Floral Art Club aspires to provide opportunities to students to develop their creativity and potential in using dried flowers and plant materials to design floral products. Every year, their creative floral decorations are sold in the Community Youth Club (CYC) function, “Greening for the Chest − Charity Plant Sale”. Last year, we also joined the Lunar New Year Fair organized by the Student Council to help raise funds for the renovation of the school library.


Community Youth Club (CYC) function “Greening for the Chest − Charity Plant Sale”
The Lunar New Year Fair


In order to share and learn more about floral art arrangements, we took part in a territory-wide exhibition - The Flower Show, organized by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department. Students were fascinated by the plants, flowers and floral design of the participants. The chance to join the Horticultural Therapy conducted by our social worker to soothe their mind and calm their feelings is an added benefit to our members.


A memorable moment in the Flower Show


Making floral products in the Horticultural Therapy improves students’ emotional well- being