F.5 Life Planning Day 1819

The NAME of the interviewee: Shek Ka Man

The OCCUPATION of the interviewee: Sales


From this interview, we have learnt that study is not everything. There are still many ways to achieve our dreams apart from studying. Besides, we should equip ourselves with good communication skills to prepare for our working in the future. Having good communication skills will help you get hired and promoted; also it leads to a success throughout your career. From a business standpoint, all transactions result from communications. Good communication skills are essential to facilitate others and yourself to understand information more accurately and quickly. In contrast, poor communication skills lead to frequent misunderstandings and frustration. Apart from that, we have also learnt that we should let go of things from the past. It had already happened, and we could not do any changes no matter how much we want to. We may harbour the memories of these mishaps to protect ourselves from future pain; however, it also hinders us from loving ourselves and reaching self-acceptance. Therefore, we should let go of things from the past and always believe in ourselves.



The NAME of the interviewee: Yip Hill Ying 

The OCCUPATION of the interviewee: Dentist 


Throughout the interview experience, our groupmates were greatly benefited. Our alumna told us a lot of philosophies on life. For example, doing something that we like is more important than money and fame. Our life time is limited so we should not waste time on the things we don't like at all.

Besides, our alumna told us some funny and amazing experience when she was finding a job. During her first interview, she was very nervous and told the interviewers that she did not know much about their company. She shared this story to remind us that it is important to adjust our state of mine. As the saying goes to- “Chances are for people who are well-prepared".




Name of alumnae : Candy Law

The occupation of alumnae : Marketing operation


First, we have learnt that we should choose a career according to our interests. Through the experience of interviewing with Candy Law, we found out that if you are not interested in that job, it is difficult to work long hours and we will not feel elated at work. In this way, we learn that the workplace conditions are more important than the salary obtained.

Second, we have learnt that the personality also has a great impact on working. Take Candy Law as an example, she is a cheerful and talkative person. Therefore, she is very suitable for marketing operation, which requires frequent communications with her co-workers and clients. So we found out that when we make career choices, we need to consider whether our personality is suitable for the job or not. For example, a talkative person can work in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, while a quiet person may choose to work on accounting.





Name of alumnae : Claire Shum

The occupation of alumnae : Occupational Therapist


From this interview, we have learnt that we are the criteria we should concern when we choose our jobs in the future. For example, do we like the job? Is the job really chosen by us or only by our family members? The interviewee said this point was very important. As if we don’t like our jobs, we won’t be passionate about working. Besides, she taught us that how to make a closer distance with jobs we are interested in. She suggested that setting up a study plan is very important; it is an effective way to reach the requirements of the subjects in university. However striking a balanced life timetable is more important than that. Although we all want to try our best and aim high, we should also find some ways to release our pressure. It may bring ‘double rewards’ to our academic results. We really get a clearer direction after having the interview.




The NAME of the interviewee: Vicky Kan

The OCCUPATION of the interviewee: PR practitioner


Vicky is sociable and talkative. Owing to her well-connected social network, she is benefited a lot from it in her workplace. Her experience has told us that being more sociable is one of the vital elements in workplace. She has once been an editor in Ming Pao as she is favoured in laying out different manuscripts in a piece of paper. Nevertheless, her income was insufficient in raising her family at all so she became a PR practitioner. We have learnt that not only does interests play an important role in choosing a job, but the income we earned is also one of the considerations. Vicky has visited many developing countries and assisted them in building shelters so as to enhance their quality of life. We have learnt that generosity and charitableness are the essential characteristics of being a PR practitioner. In conclude, we have learnt a lot from listening to the sharing from her wide range of working experiences. These provide us the information of the workplace requirements.


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