The study of Geography enables students to explore and understand the relationships between
people and their environments. To realize the said agenda in the curriculum, the department makes
learning outside school an essential part of the learning process. Different out-of-school learning
experiences, such as fieldwork, competitions and summer programs have been arranged to enrich
students’ understanding of geographical knowledge. Generic skills like communication, critical
thinking, problem-solving and creativity are enhanced through these inquiry-based learning

Collecting data about the environmental quality in Sheung Wan

Recording data of water sample in Mui Wo

Measuring beach profile in Tung Wan, Cheung Chau


Identifying texture of beach sediments in field study centre

Conducting ammonia test on water pollution

Discussing findings in the field for group presentation

Prize winners of the Weather Observation Competition, organized by the Sik Sik Yuen Ho Koon Nature Education cum Astronomical Centre City Gallery Summer Planning School - 'Be a Town Planner'.