Creative Art Society

Being members of the Creative Art Society, students are given chances to learn the techniques in drawing Chinese art and making ceramics. However, what is more valued for members is the experience in doing hand-craft and making clay figures. Committee members are enthusiastic in guiding students towards their final artwork productions. Not only do they show their leadership skills in the teaching course, they also help to bond members together in the production process. At the end of the course, everyone is benefitted.  Committee members have become more able leaders and club members are more advanced in their artwork. 


                                      Students learn about Chinese art and its culture. 



                                                   Student’s Chinese painting 



An enjoyable event for all!   The drawing activity at Tai Kwun – Centre for Heritage and Arts                                 



The painted cakes in soft clay look delicious.


                                         Students enjoy making different crafts



 Handmade and woven dreamcatchers protect our sweet dreams!