SSB Managers   Ms. Wong Siu Yuk Catherine (Supervisor)
    Sr. But Cheuk Yee Regina
    Sr. Chan Sum Yee Cynthia
    Sr. Cheung Ching Han Lucia
    Sr. Chun Wai Tak Theresa
    Ms. Fong Pik Yin Sikkie
    Mr. Law Kan Chung Kenneth
Ex-Officio Manager   Ms. Wong Shui Kuk Anny (Principal)
Teacher Manager   Mr. Lai Tsan Kwan
Alternate Teacher Manager   Mr. Wong Chun Ying
Independent Manager   Ms. Wong Siu Ling
Parent Manager   Ms. Wong Ka Man
Alternate Parent Manager   Ms. Tsoi Chau Wa
Alumna Manager   Ms. Law Wai Ling Wendy
We are fully committed to offering an all-round education enhanced with the Gospel spirit and the virtues of humility, respect, kindness and love.
  (Revised in 1999)

  Canossian Sisters in Italy came to Hong Kong in 1860 and to set up the new Canossian Convent Secondary School in 1890.
  Mr. David Sasson, a benefactor, generously donated 3000 sq. ft. of land in Shaukeiwan to establish the House of Shaukeiwan and a primary school for Chinese children
  The primitive House was replaced by a solid three-storey building : the government subsidized Primary School and the Convent, serving pupils of normal sight since 1938.
  World War II put the Convent in danger. Luckily, Sisters and inmates were protected by British soldiers.  
  Occupied by the Japanese Military government during World War II, the school and the convent were returned to the Institute in 1950 and the Chinese Primary School was restored in 1951.
  Canossian Convent Secondary School was officiated with an enrolment of 92 students
  To cope with the rapid development in the Eastern District of Hong Kong, the school was transferred to the present site. The secondary section of the School was renamed Canossa College and the primary section Canossa School (H.K.).
  A four-storey new wing was erected from the parking area.